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 Ticket FAQs 

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How do deposits work? 

A season ticket deposit reserves your place in line to purchase available season tickets for our inaugural season in 2024.  

Does placing a deposit guarantee that I will be able to purchase season tickets?

Yes, placing a deposit now guarantees that you will be able to purchase season tickets. However, we anticipate selling out of available season seats, so there is no guarantee for how long deposits will be available – make sure you place your deposit soon! 

How much are season ticket deposits? 

$25 per account for Supporters Section  

$50 per account for Reserved Seating  

$100 per account for VIP Seating  

$250 per account for Suites/Loge Boxes  

How do I update my contact info if it changes after I place my deposit? 

Please email us at


How are deposits prioritized? 

All deposits will be prioritized and timestamped in the order they were placed. Fans will be approached to select their season tickets in the order of their deposit, per their time-stamped reservation. The sooner you place a deposit, the sooner you will be able to select your seat location. 

Can I still group with my friends if we have separate deposits? 

Yes, you can still group with your friends. Your timestamp, however, will default to the latest person in the group, so this may or may not affect your decision to group.  

If I placed a deposit for VIP and it is sold out before my time-stamp, can I choose Reserved or Supporter Seats? 

Yes. Your time-stamp determines your place in line for any available seats. 

I did not receive my confirmation email when placing my deposit. What should I do?

Please check your spam folder for an email from you did not receive an email, then email the club directly at 

Can I change my deposit preference from ex: Reserved to VIP, Reserved to Supporter, Supporter to Reserved, etc.? 

Yes. If you change your seating preference you will not lose your place in line. You will be slotted in line according to the timestamp of when you placed your deposit. If you’d like to change your selection, please 

Is my deposit refundable? 

Yes. If you elect not to purchase season tickets, you can request and receive a refund of your deposit once seat locations are made available. Requests for refunds will not be processed until the seat selection process begins.  

Will the season ticket deposit be credited towards my 2024 season ticket cost? 


How many seats can I reserve with my deposit for the 2024 Season? 

When you place your deposit, you will have the ability to request up to 8 season tickets. Please request the actual number of season tickets that you would like to purchase. 

What to Expect
What is the difference between Supporter Section, Reserved Seating & VIP Seating? 
  • Supporter Section will be behind one of the goals, where fans will be standing, singing, and cheering for the entire match. These sections will be general admission and will not have assigned seats.  
  • Reserved Seating will be located along the west sidelines and corners and will include an assigned seat for all home matches.  
  • VIP Seating includes the Catalyst Club and Field Side Seating. These seats give fans a unique matchday experience with exclusive benefits.  
What are the benefits of purchasing a Suite or Loge? 

Suites provide an unparalleled game day experience and are located above reserved seating along the west sideline.  

  • Each suite includes access to the Catalyst Club, 16 tickets per match, VIP parking passes and the ability to cater within your own suite.  
  • Loge Boxes are located above the Supporter Section and include 8 tickets per match.  Each loge includes VIP parking passes and the ability to cater within your loge.  
What if I’m interested in Corporate Sponsorships? 

Please email us at to inquire about sponsorships. 

How much do season tickets cost? 

Season ticket prices will be announced when the seat selection process begins. Anyone who places a deposit will receive pricing information before purchasing their season tickets.

When does the seat selection process begin? 

Each seating area will have a dedicated window to select the best available seats. All depositors will be contacted by a ticket representative prior to selecting seats.  We anticipate the selection process to begin in 2023. 

Will there be payment plans for season tickets?

After the initial deposit, no further payment will be due until you select your seats. We will be offering payment plan options for season tickets during the seat selection process. 

Can I change the approximate number of seats I selected?

Yes. While we ask that you place the actual number of season tickets desired, we understand that the selection you make is an approximation. Your final number of seats will be determined when you select your seating location. If you would like to change the number of seats prior to selection, please contact:

What if I require ADA seating? 

ADA seating options will be available. Please note this information when you are first contacted by a ticket representative to accommodate your seating. 

What if I want to buy a single match ticket? 

We anticipate that single match tickets will become available in early 2024; however, season ticket holders will have the first right to purchase, so there is no guarantee that non-season seat holders will have the ability to purchase single match tickets. Availability will vary dependent upon each match.  

At what age does a child need a ticket?

Children aged 2 and younger do not require a ticket if they are sharing a seat with an accompanying adult. 

What if I have questions that have not been answered here? 

Please email us at